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At the bottom of the Search Phrase Editor List is a button to “Copy Search Phrase 

Summary to Clipboard”.  Clicking this button will copy a summary of the Search 

Phrases and their 

Search Results 


With the phrases: “§baptiz*”, “Christ”, and “water” within the Same Chapter, that

we were previously looking at, the summary will look like this:

Search of 3 Phrases in the same Chapter:

    "§baptiz*" (Found 77 Times in the Entire Bible, 32 in Scope)

    "Christ" (Found 555 Times in the Entire Bible, 15 in Scope)

    "water" (Found 396 Times in the Entire Bible, 23 in Scope)

    (§ = Case Sensitive)

Found 70 Combined Occurrences

    in 49 Verses

    in 8 Chapters

    in 4 Books

Not found together at all in 31053 Verses of the Bible

Not found together at all in 1181 Chapters of the Bible

Not found together at all in 62 Books of the Bible

Here's another example using the last Exclusion Phrase example, with the phrase: 

James | John”, “Jesus”, and “ * said


Search of 3 Phrase(s) in the same Chapter within New Testament

    "∉* said" (Found 1061 Time(s) in the Selected Search Text, 

Removed 67 matching exclusion(s) from Scope)

    "James | John" (Found 173 Time(s) in the Selected Search 

Text, 163 in Scope and not removed by exclusions)

    "Jesus" (Found 973 Time(s) in the Selected Search Text, 307 

in Scope and not removed by exclusions)

    (∉ = Excluding Results From)

Found 470 Combined Occurrence(s)

    in 415 Verse(s)

    in 57 Chapter(s)

    in 10 Book(s)

    within New Testament

Excluded 67 Combined Occurrence(s)

    in 67 Verse(s)

    in 38 Chapter(s)

    in 5 Book(s)

    within New Testament