Dewtronics is the research lab of Donna Whisnant.

Donna Whisnant

  • Computer Engineer - Programmer and Electronics System Designer
  • Musician - Flute, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard/Piano, Trumpet
  • Artist - Drawing and Painting
  • Owner of Dewtronics
  • Author of King James Pure Bible Search

Playing the grand piano owned by Vladimir Samoylovich
Horowitz that was on tour.


Original 9/11 Commemorative Painting
Done with Acrylics on a 16x20 Canvas
This picture loses a lot of detail, though, as the towers are done
with a semi-translucent paint that lets you see through it depending
on the angle. Hidden in that are the demon faces of 9/11 that were
visible in real photographs taken of the towers during the incident.
They are visible on the actual painting depending on the angle you
are looking, much like a hologram.


Gateway to Purgatoire